“Once a photograph of Earth, taken from the outside, is available…a new idea as powerful as any in history will be let loose.”

~ Fred Hoyle, 1948

The Overview Effect is a term used to describe the psychological change that happens to astronauts when they see the Earth from the perspective of outer space. The effect is said to be so profound that some astronauts have likened it to a mystical experience.

Although it might not be the same as physically experiencing Earth from outer-space, the ability to see one’s business or other assets from a big picture perspective can lead to profound insights. With a rapidly growing set companies with constellations of commercial satellites, and the huge increase in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or Drones), the ability to see one’s property, plant, and operations from above get better & cheaper every year.

Overview Analytics was formed to give leaders, managers, and owners that big picture perspective. Through our licensing and acquisition of high-quality, timely data, we can provide your organization with valuable strategic insights.  Specifically, we license imagery from leading Earth Observation providers such as Urthecast, and operate a Drone-as-a-Service business where we offer Precision Agriculture and Change Monitoring services for farms, insurance companies, and physical assets managers.

Not sure what some of those terms mean? Don’t worry – the blog will be posting lots of content related to precision agriculture, earth observation, and geoanalytics.

Stay tuned…




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