Sound Money & Sound Blockchains

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Immutability & Consensus. These words are hotly debated in the bitcoin & blockchain world today, and I would argue in other monetary policy circles as well, perhaps by different names. With the recent decision of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (or ‘DAO’) to ‘fork’ the Etherium blockchain, advocates of sound blockchains have spoken out in opposition. Anthony […]

CB Insights – Game Changing Start-ups

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CB Insights is widely considered a leading in deal analytics in the Private Equity & Venture Capital space. The embedded Slideshare presentation below looks at some of the most promising companies on CB Insights’ radar across a variety of technology domains such as aerospace, robotics, energy, healthcare, and agriculture. [slideshare id=54918084&doc=gamechangingstartupsfinal-151109172405-lva1-app6891] Given that venture capital and the […]

Precision Agriculture

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Here’s a video from PrecisionHawk painting their vision for how farmers will utilize drones for agricultural purposes. As the world population pushes 7.5 billion at the same time that global resources are under pressure, the need to improve crop yields, while minimizing inputs is growing with every year. Key Take Aways: Drones for commercial purposes are exploding […]